8 Easy Ways to Strengthen Feeling / Clairvoyance


Clairvoyance is the ability of the mind to "see" or predict the future, the past, non-physical and physical energy and the color associated with energy. All humans are actually endowed with this ability from birth but we just haven't awakened it. There are also some people who have had strong clairvoyants since birth. Clairvoyance is very useful in our lives to see the future that may occur for ourselves in terms of decisions in our daily lives. There are many ways to develop the ability to be more clairvoyant. Here are 8 simple and easy ways to improve your clairvoyant abilities in no time.

  1. Guess what the people you will meet will be used later. What color will they wear? What kind of clothes do they wear? What is their hairdo or how do they dress up? What shoes does he wear? and so forth.
  2. Ask someone to put some things in a box or bag. Record or mention what items are in the bag or mention the characteristics such as color, shape, texture, etc.
  3. Let vision and images flow in your mind's eye. Write what you "see" without forcing, guessing or analyzing. The higher part of yourself can communicate with you through clairvoyant messages.
  4. Close your eyes and look at your "third eye" (the point above your nose, in the middle of your forehead). By focusing on this point, you will develop your psychic vision.
  5. Imagine that the center of your third eye has the shape of a real eye, see the eyelids open, then let yourself "see" with these eyes.
  6. Try yoga practice, just use simple poses. This is to help neutralize the mind and balance energy.
  7. Rub your third eye and say, "My higher self helps me to develop my clairvoyant abilities."
  8. Place the lazuli layer, moonstone, azurite, amethyst, selenite and or malachite crystal in your third eye. You might also use or carry one of these stones to help you improve your sight.
Try some of these simple exercises so the mind flows naturally.
Here are a few examples:
  • When there is a telephone try to visualize who is calling before seeing it.
  • If you queue at the bank try to predict which Teller or Customer Service will call you.
  • If you are in a coffee shop, try to predict what people will do in front of you.
  • Use playing cards or something else. Shake it and try predicting what cards are above.
  • When buying something, try predicting the price before asking the seller.
When developing your clairvoyance abilities, it is important to balance your energy so that you flow energy through the entire body. By not channeling energy through your entire body from head to toe, you will most likely begin to experience pressure on your head that often causes headaches. As you continue to open up your mental energy, imagine the energy flowing through the entire body and out through the base of your feet and into the earth to grow energy. This exercise helps you lean energy. With practice, you will be able to increase the flow of energy through your body which will then increase your intuition. In addition, holding the tiger eye crystal will help you get rid of the mental headache.

Be sure to write the results of your practice in a journal, so you can see your progress as a novice clairvoyant. Building your confidence through positive reinforcement is very useful in trusting what you see internally.

Developing clairvoyance is very important in our daily lives. It helps us to trust ourselves with our decisions and helps us stay connected with our higher power. Because we stay connected to our higher selves, life flows more smoothly.

If later your clairvoyance reaches a high level, you can become a reliable fortune teller like Nostradamus.

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