Impossible! These 7 People Have Been to Hell

Hell is the right thing most feared by all people, where according to the story there are millions of people tortured due to their own sins. Almost all religions have the same story about hell, which is a place provided by God to punish those who disobey the rules and do evil. As for good and right people, a beautiful and peaceful place in heaven that cannot be expressed in words. Although it does not make sense and there is no scientific evidence that shows that hell exists. Some people, especially religious people, really believe it so they are always careful in their actions. If you doubt the existence of hell, consider the testimony of the suspended animation people below who have seen hell. Maybe this story will make you believe in the existence of hell and repent.

1 | Philip Mantofa

philip mantofa

Philip Mantofa is a Christian priest from Malaysia. For several years, he has been preaching the word of God and recounting his terrible experiences while in hell. Mantofa was one of the lucky few who was allowed by God to see hell directly. According to Mantofa, God had sent him to hell so he could witness "the terrible torture that befalls all those who die". Furthermore, he strongly claims that it is not a dream or a hallucination. Although he admitted that his body remained on Earth, he firmly claimed that his soul was experiencing physical hell. All the senses of his body are intact, he was very conscious throughout his terrible experience

Fortunately, for Mantofa, he was not destined to suffer in hell forever. His soul, who suffered all the terrible tortures in hell, returned to his earthly body at 5 am the next day. This experience has changed his life. Because he returned to life from hell, Mantofa dedicated his life to serving God and spread the message that "everyone who has died outside of Jesus" is destined to suffer forever in hell.

2 | Matthew Botsford

mattew bostford

In 1992, Matthew Botsford had a deadly accident that dramatically changed his life. He was hit by a stray bullet in the head of a restaurant in Atlanta. According to him, he died on the spot, and he went to a place where there was "terrible darkness" and "extraordinary fear". Matthew believes this place is a hell of a place that cannot be described by words. He further described his experience in hell by saying that it was "very hot" there and that he was "chained to both my wrists and I was shackled to my ankles". Fortunately, for Matthew, it's not the time to die. According to him, he saw the hand of Jesus descending on him. The Son of God saved him from hell and gave him a second chance in life by saying, "This is not your time".

Matthew was rushed to the nearest hospital where he was in a coma for 27 days. It is interesting to note that Matthew was not a Christian before he entered hell. He believed in Jesus but had no personal relationship with him. According to him, he is "his own boss". Matthew has fully recovered and now deeply believes in Jesus Christ. And he has a personal message for those who are skeptical of hell and its supernatural experience "Hell is a serious thing".

3 | Vassula Ryden


Vassula Ryden is a 71-year-old woman who claims to have entered hell and heaven. He described his afterlife experience in his book, Heaven Is Real But so is Hell. Vassula is a mystic who claims that in 1985 God communicated with him and told him that He would use him strongly. Since then, Vassula has received many visions or prophecies from God. A perfect example of this is the 2004 tsunami in Asia and the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001. Vassula Ryden did not die and then went to hell. Jesus has let him enjoy the experiences of hell and heaven so he can be a living witness that hell and demons do exist. Many people today do not believe in hell or the hereafter, and for Vassula, this is very alarming. After making him live from hell, Vassula has made it his goal to share and convince people about the actuality of hell and Satan. He has been to 79 countries and has given more than 1000 presentations.

Vassula's description of hell is very clear. He described it as a very large place, although he admitted seeing only a "small portion" of it. In addition, he also claimed to have met Satan who was very evil to him. Interestingly, he described it as a large and powerful creature capable of throwing lava at tormented souls in hell. In addition, he also claimed that the land in hell was "like a mechanical land". In his book, he also described his experience in heaven by saying that unlike hell, God's kingdom is "a beautiful place filled with light, but not the sun".

4 | Bill Wiese

Bill Wiese was a faithful Christian before he even went to hell. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in 1970, and for three decades he has lived a peaceful and happy life. However, all this changed when, on November 23, 1998, God allowed him to visit hell and experience it firsthand. Bill documents his brief but terrible experience in his book 23 Minutes in Hell. According to Bill, he lay in his bed with his wife when he suddenly "fell to hell". The time is right at 3 a.m. Bill defended his personal account by saying that it was not a dream. He experienced hell physically. Furthermore, he said that God did not send him to hell as a form of punishment but for him to be a living witness that a hell is actually a real place. Bill's description of hell is very clear. In his book, he described how he was trapped in a cell that was "about 15 feet x 10 feet 15 feet". Even more interesting is that he is not alone.

There are two terrible giants with him. According to Bill, they "resemble giant reptiles but take on human form".After a while, two other evil creatures entered the cell. When the light disappeared, the four foul-smelling giants began to attack him savagely. He was tortured mercilessly by these demon creatures. Fortunately, God has other plans for Bill. After 23 torturous minutes, Bill was taken out by God from hell and brought back to Earth. The time is right at 3:23 a.m.This experience had a profound effect on Bill and his wife. Both have left their successful careers and have focused on spreading the message that hell does exist.

5 | Jose Maniyangat


What makes Jose Maniyangat unique from other people's experiences is his claim of not only experiencing heaven and hell but also seeing purgatory. Jose Maniyangat was an Indian Catholic priest who was involved in a fatal accident and was declared dead but through divine intervention miraculously returned to life. On April 14, 1985, Father Jose Maniyangat was on his way to northern Kerala when he was hit by a jeep driven by a drunk. He died instantly, and according to him, his soul came out of his body. He was then greeted by his guardian angel who told him he would take him to heaven.

On the way to God's Heavenly Kingdom, guardian angel Jose takes him to hell for a short visit. Father Jose claims that he saw Satan and his men while in hell. He also said that it was a very hot place, with temperatures "around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit", and that it was filled with souls lost in suffering and suffering. According to him, they were tortured by Satan's demons and the unceasing hell worms.

Jose's description of Satan's world is quite unique because according to him there are seven levels of torture in hell, the inhabitants of hell are distinguished individually according to the number and severity of the sins he committed while he was still alive on earth. Even more interesting is that Jose claims that he has seen his fellow priests and bishops suffer in hell. After his brief visit to the kingdom of Satan, Jose was taken by his guardian angel to purgatory and then to heaven where he also met Jesus, Mary, and even Joseph. He was then given the opportunity to God to return to Earth and be a living witness that a hell is a real place.

6 | Stephen Demetre Georgiou

yusuf islam

Stephen Demetre Georgiou or often called Yusuf Islam is a famous musician from London, England. He was born into a Christian family but with a free lifestyle without knowing sin. When he grew up he had entered the black world, such as drugs, promiscuity, alcohol and other bad deeds. But Stephen's life journey changed 180 degrees after he fell ill. Precisely in 1978, Stephen was rushed to the hospital and hospitalized, at that time he was in a coma for 24 hours and suffered near death. When that terrible thing happened, he felt extreme pain and screaming in pain like receiving torture in hell. There he was dragged by dozens of creatures like the devil who tortured laughing and teasing him. The demons told him to return the words he had once said to the person he was enemies with.

After he regained consciousness from the coma, he immediately prostrated and apologized to the people he had hurt, all his relatives, neighbors and friends he visited and he told them everything he experienced. Since that event, he immediately became a devout Muslim, always prayed to the mosque and routinely prayed 5 times a day.

7 | Lim Pei Chuan

lim pei

Lim Pei Chuan is a descendant of Chinese people who adheres to the teachings of Confucius. Grew up in a strong Chinese culture, like trading. Since childhood, he had been taught to trade so that later he could continue the business of his parents. However, because his parents who like to smoke and get drunk. Because he did not know he was doing the same thing as his parents. His life changed after being suspended for 6 hours. At that time he seemed to get the light of God's grace, according to him he saw his spirit was in a place that was very clean white, he also saw himself wearing a white turban and holding the prayer beads while walking towards the white prayer mat. His experience also takes him past the dimension of time showing all things that are in the afterlife or blessings like hell and heaven. After a few days of being awakened, namely on the 28th of Ramadan 1420 h, he went to the Lautze Mosque in Pasar Baru Jakarta to say the shahada and become a convert.

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