7 Most Unique and Strange Architecture in the World

We can find architecture every day, but most of us see almost the same architectural patterns. The house always has a straight wall, with tiles on it, skyscrapers too. All of that is a conventional architecture that is often used by many people. However, if you look at the architecture below you might be amazed and be amazed there are buildings that are curved, italic, abstract, even upside down. This building is very strange and unique, different from the others, maybe only reliable architects can design designs that are out of the box.

1 | Habitat 67

habitat 67

Habitat 67 is a community and housing complex model in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, designed by architect Moshe Safdie. Located on 2600 Avenue Pierre-Dupuy on the Marc-Drouin pier and next to the Saint Lawrence River. Habitat 67 is widely regarded as one of the most famous and spectacular buildings in Montreal and Canada. The building that resembles a pile of cardboard has 12 floors, in which there are 146 houses that have varying configurations and sizes. This development is designed to combine the benefits of suburban homes, namely gardens, fresh air, privacy, and the multilevel environment with the economy and density of modern urban apartment buildings. The price per unit is priced at 140,000 Canadian Dollars.

2 | Krzywy Domek

krzywy domek

What you see above is not a photoshop edit, Krzywy Domek or crooked little house is a resident shopping center in Sopot, Poland. A strange architectural model that is curved like a distorted makes anyone who sees it like being in a fantasy world. Krzywy Domek was built in 2004 with an area of 4000 square meters. The building was designed by architects Szotyńscy & Zaleski inspired by a fairy tale illustrated by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.

3 | Dancing House

dancing house

If you meet this one building, don't run, this building won't collapse. The Dancing House or better known as Fred and Ginger is a building in Prague, Czech Republic. Initially, many disagreed, because this controversial building model did not match the surrounding buildings in the famous Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau style in Prague. But, the Czech President who lived for decades next to the site, enthusiastically supported the project, hoping that the building would become a center of cultural activity. This architecture was designed by Croatian-Czech Architect Vlado Milunić with Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. There is a historical reason why the building was made that way because there was the location of the house destroyed by the United States bombing in Prague in 1945.

4 | Twisted House

curved house

Twisted House is a public art work by American artist John McNaughton, who is at the Indianapolis Art Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. "Twisted House" was installed as part of the ART SPARK Center initiative. This work, made of cedar wood, depicts a tall house bent on its side. The roof of the house touched the forest floor and five circular glass windows were circular and the door was distorted protruding to the right. Someone could enter inside and see from the large window. Each window has a frame with exterior flower vases and fake wooden flowers. All of these are placed on natural stone with green plants.

5 | WonderWorks

wonder works museum

If the floor is usually always below the base, this building is just the opposite. WonderWorks is an entertainment center that focuses on science exhibitions with five locations in the United States. Their main slogan is "Let Your Imagination Become Wild". Every WonderWorks location has an exhibition on space, physics, and mathematics. Some locations also offer dinner magic shows. The exhibition is housed in a building designed by architect Michael Ussery with the theme of a housing crash that collapsed. This museum is located in Orlando, Florida (March 1998), Pigeon Pigeon, Tennessee, Panama City Beach, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Syracuse, New York (2012).

6 | Golf Ball House

golf ball

Initially, this building was a magnificent cocktail lounge, named "Dinesphere", in the 1970s. But bankruptcy forced the company to sell the building soon after. Hotelier and restaurant owner Hank Schimmel bought the property as a birthday present for his wife and the couple moved to the ball building in Yucca, Arizona in 1991. The 3,400-square-foot house is divided into three levels, namely, the kitchen and living room at the level first, the guest bed and formal dining room on the second floor, and the main bedroom with views of the surrounding mountains at the very top. They also sell equipment about Aliens and UFOs under the name area 66 because of the proximity to route 66.

7 | Meteora Monasteries

meteora monastery

There is nothing unique in the shape of the building but what makes it strange is its base in the form of a steep cliff as deep as 304 meters. Not manipulation, this is the original inhabited building. The strange Greek Meteora mountain formation has been home to monks since at least the 11th century. A number of monastery buildings were cut along the rocks over the following centuries, six of which are still in use and are open to the public and of course must have the patience to climb. Meteora has also been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The abbey houses were built by monks who imprisoned in the area and lived in separate caves. After that they united, to bring construction materials to the top of the rock for years, using ropes, folding stairs, nets, and baskets, and with great determination.

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