How to Easily Activate Sharingan Eye

 kakashi eye

Do you want to have Sharingan powers like Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto series? You're in the right post. This time we will discuss how to make our eyes become a real Sharingan. Please note, that Kakashi's character has a special eye that is always closed which has more power than the eye next to the one that is open. All you need is to find something that covers one of your eyes, and in half an hour the Sharingan power will rise in that eye.

Start by finding something to cover your eye with, perhaps a pirate's eye patch or a hat tilted so that it covers one eye. The important thing is not to let any light enter. Another thing to note is the pressure on the eyes, don't let the eyepatch put too much pressure on the eyes as it can make them myopic or blurry.

Keep your Sharingan eyes closed for 30 minutes, you can do other activities but only use one eye. Maybe watch your favorite Naruto episode about the Sharingan, and visualize in your mind that chakra is gathering in your pupil.

After 30 minutes, enter a dark room, and remove the Sharingan blindfold, but do not open your eyes first. Say the name of your new Jutsu and open your Sharingan eye. Perform several hand seals for maximum results.

hand seal

See what happens, now the eye has the power to see dark places. If it is difficult to find the difference, try alternately closing the normal eye and looking only with the Sharingan eye and vice versa, then the details of the object you see will be clearer with the Sharingan eye. Now you have the power of the Sharingan.

How does all this happen? It turns out that the human eye has a unique ability called Dark Adaptation. A phenomenon of pupil dilation, will increase the sensitivity of the light sensor on the retina of the eye and also rhodopsin regeneration where the eye adjusts to reduced lighting conditions.

Easy right? If you want to keep this ability, you have to keep your Sharingan eyes closed, not to be exposed to very bright light because it can reduce your eye sensitivity. For example, when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night you should cover your other eye with your hand.

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