6 Mysteries and Myths of Mt. Gede Pangrango

The people in Bogor and Jakarta who are frequently traveling to Puncak Bogor, they absolutely familiar with this mountain. Yes, that's Mount Pangrango, one of the mountains that offer stunning natural beauty. This mountain, which has an altitude of 3,019 meters above sea level, is the second highest mountain in West Java after Mount Ceremai.

Next to it is Mount Gede and this area is included in the Mount Gede Pangrango National Park. It contains forests that contain ecosystems of flora and fauna that are protected and preserved. Not surprisingly, many people choose to unwind in this cool area.

With so many forests and dark areas, this area is often considered haunted and has many mysteries. In fact, some of them are often experienced by hikers and local residents. A very mysterious nonsensical phenomenon that is always associated with the existence of supernatural beings.

Like other mountains, Mount Gede Pangrango also has mysteries that are worth listening to, regardless of whether the story is genuine or not. Here are some mysteries collected from several sources.

1 | Kuntilanak


Kuntilanak is an astral creature in the form of a woman with a white robe and black eyes. This is an endemic ghost in most parts of Indonesia, not least in mountainous areas that are quiet and full of shady trees. This ghost is said to often disturb hikers and tourists who want to visit Puncak Bogor.

Residents believe that many accidents that occur at the top of Bogor are caused by Kuntilanak who is guarding several lanes at the peak. After a resident sees the appearance of a kuntilanak, there will be a serious accident in the near future. While in mountainous areas this creature often teases and misleads climbers, so that climbers do not just circling in the same location and difficult to return to the climbing post.

Kuntilanak also likes to laugh and cry to scare visitors. For this reason, it is recommended to get off the mountain before the evening.

2 | Mysterious Fish in Telaga Warna (Color Lake)

color lake

In addition to offering beautiful natural scenery, Telaga Warna also has an interesting mystery to discuss. This mystery is in the form of a mysterious fish that inhabits Telaga Warna lake, Bogor peak. These fish are not just any fish but ancient fish that has existed since the pre-historic era. The red to brass-colored fish is called Layung and the black one is called Si Tihul. 

The myth believed by the community is that if someone sees this fish jumping on the surface of the water, all requests and hopes will be granted immediately. Apart from fish, lake water is said to have magical powers that can cure all diseases and is often used for occult rituals.

3 | Surya Kencana Square

surya kencana

The Surya Kencana square area is located in the east of Mount Gede. A vast grassland decorated by beautiful edelweiss plants. It is believed that this place is inhabited by a supernatural army led by Prince Surya Kencana. He is the son of Prince Aria Wiratanudatar, the founder of Cianjur. He has a jinn wife and has children named Prabu Siliwangi and Prabu Sakti. King Surya Kencana's sanctuary is located in the middle of the field, precisely on a large saddle-shaped rock. 

For this reason, climbers are expected to maintain ethics when in this area, such as not complaining, not defecating, and urinating inappropriately. Because if violated, the inhabitants will be angry and the possibility of climbers will not return safely. Hikers sometimes also listen to the thunderous sound of horses' feet running without a form which is said to be the sound of horsemen passing by escorting prince Surya Kencana.

4 | In Memoriam Prohibition


There is a myth, if someone around the top of the mountain says "in memoriam" it is said that they will get lost. I don't know why the word in memoriam has become mystical in this place, maybe this word is related to death. For this reason, climbers must maintain their speech so as not to say words about death. Because some climbers themselves have proven it and got lost after saying it. 

Although finally able to return home in a longer time after being accompanied by prayer. The ghosts there will tempt us to get lost and die there so that according to the words we say "in memoriam". Stay careful guys.

5 | Bizarre Animal Mysteries


Around Mount Gede Pangrango, there are actually many mysterious animals that may have not been discovered, one of them is this strange animal. This weasel-like creature with a long body and small legs is very difficult to find because they often hide in the ground. This animal, whose Latin name is Mustela Lutreolina, has a body length ranging from 26 - 30 cm. The tail is about 5-6 inches. 

The body is reddish brown in color and they like to eat meat, aka carnivores. This mountain weasel is an endangered animal due to hunting and habitat destruction, for that if you meet this animal do not kill it, guys.

6 | SK attribute myth


All attributes that read SK should be avoided when climbing Mount Gede Pangrango, because the 2 letters contain the initial Surya Kencana, the king in the supernatural kingdom of Mount Gede. If you are reckless in using these attributes, it is said that it can make supernatural creatures there consider you to be a follower of Surya Kencana.

So the likelihood you will not be able to go home safely and they will try to take your soul in various terrible ways. If you forget, you should pray along the way and not go far from the other hiking teams.

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