5 Most Beautiful Robot Ever Build by Human

Ever heard of humanoid? yes, humanist robots. Robots that can be humanized or robot that can replace some of the human work. Japan is the most industrious country in this regard. In Indonesia, this kind of creativity is already happening. There are robots that can dance, there are robots that can serve the guests, there are robots that can reflex respond to humans. Here is a list of the 5 most beautiful robots humans ever made.

1 | AIKO


Aiko is portrayed as a 20-year-old girl with an ideal body shape and shining hair. He can speak English and Japanese, even able to solve math problems and can recognize people's faces. Le Trung, a programmer living in Canada with her parents is the inventor of the Aiko robot. Due to the difficulty in getting a partner, Le Trung made a female robot in accordance with his wishes. He claimed to spend $20,000 or equivalent to a quarter billion if converted in dollars. For the future, Le Trung Plans to create and sell the more perfect robot beautiful if any sponsors are willing to fund this project.

2 | Simroid 


Simroid is a dental training robot which being developed by Nippon Dental University Hospital and maker of Morita Manufacturing tooth equipment. This robot is produced by Kokoro, which also makes the Actroid line of living humanoid robots. Simroid is described to resemble a beautiful young woman is also attractive, long haired and has a height of 160 cm. This robot can show an expression of discomfort with a frown when practiced. Even greater, Simroid is also able to say 'it hurts' and shout 'ouw' when drilling the dentist about his nerves.

3 | Geminoid F

Geminoid F is designed by Hiroshi Ishiguro Professor of Osaka University of Japan. After the success of the previous robot with the name Geminoid HI 1 which is a replica robot of himself, this time Hiroshi Ishiguro make another female robot named Geminoid F. This robot is depicted with a woman in her twenties with long black hair, can smile, sullen, and change the facial expression very naturally. The Geminoid F is also designed to be remotely controlled by human operators. In a press conference in Osaka, Ishiguro showed how Geminoid could imitate a woman's facial expression as she sat in front of a computer with a camera and face-tracking software.

4 | HRP 4C

The Japanese are the most active in the development of humanoid robots. This time HRP-4C or commonly called Miim made by National Institute of Advance Industry Science and Technology (AIST), a kind of research institute in Japan. This woman robot is specially designed for fashion show. Miim weighs 43 kg and height 158 cm. & Nbsp; He can also sing and dance like a human. Miim is equipped with Vocaloid Vocal Synthesizer so that her voice sounds very natural like a Japanese woman. For the future, this robot will enter the entertainment industry and human simulator for device evaluation.


To compete with Japan, in this time, China introduced Humanoid robot called Jia Jia. The robot is designed by researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China (UTSC). like a Chinese woman, this robot has long hair and almost similar to the original female figure. The researchers say, a robot named Jia Jia is made with a flexible plastic face, brown hair, and eyes and eyes that can move with natural. Chen Xiaoping, director of university researchers, revealed that his team was very concerned about the eyes during Jia Jia's work. Xen and his team believe that in a decade much more like artificially intelligent (AI) robots or intelligent robots will take on some basic tasks that human does, such as working in restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, and households. Chen, as reported by Gadgetsnow.com, also said that "the future is a cyborg workforce." "In 5-10 years there will be many applications for robots in China,".

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