20 Ways to See Ghosts Easily

Many people have claimed to see ghosts but more people who have never see the ghost. So, if you curious to see ghost , here are some tips you should try:

1 | Use Umbrella

Take an umbrella and open then please you shelter from it. Do this method in the house that is quiet and closed, do it right at midnight, you will automatically attract the spirits because they will think you are dead.

2 | Burn the Incense

This method is quite powerful, where you have to burn incense or hio in places that are considered haunted in the middle of the night. Shaman said that ghost food is incense smoke. This method is not recommended in a closed room, as it results in plepeken (shortness of breath due to CO2 gas).

3 | Play Jelangkung

This game has been proven its success call the spirits like in other world TV shows. The spirits will stick in the jelangkung then the doll will feel heavy and can move spontaneously. For those who do not know how to play can see how to play here.

4 | Wear Shround

The shroud is identical with the dead thing. Therefore Ghost, spirits, demons will assume people who wear them as friends. If you use this cloth continuously at night you will be able to see the apparitions of astral beings. The shroud you can get from the remains of the shroud of the recently deceased, you can use as a belt or a turban.

5 | Wear the Green shirt

The green shirt is the royal shirt of the south coast queen, Nyai Roro Kidul. He became the famous and respected queen among all devils, Myths if you use a green shirt in haunted places you will be followed by ghosts and even will hurt you, Maybe the ghosts think you Nyai Roro imitation, they are angry because they feel queen they are harassed.

6 | Play the Music

Humans really like music, but not with ghosts, if you play music in a place that not supposed to be, like in the grave or empty house may disturb the quietness of the guardian's place, especially if the music is played noisy and discordant that worsens the atmosphere. The ghost will soon appear in front of the eye, or it can be a trance phenomenon. Hiii ...

7 | Whistling at Night

The reason is almost the same way before, ghosts do not like something noisy and loud. Whistling with a loud voice in the haunted places caused the attendants to be disturbed.

8 | Make a Crow Satay

This method is often done by people looking for luck for betting. Usually, they will visit in the forest and in the middle of the night and burn a black crow. The scent of these crows can trigger the coming of some spirits because they like the scent of crows.

9 | Wiggle the Cassava Tree

This method may seem ridiculous, but there are people who have seen genderuwo creatures when shaking cassava. When we wiggle the tree it will look, big black creatures, genderuwo or moto sak lepek (according to the Javanese) on the other side of the tree, also wiggle the branches of the tree. This technique is suitable in areas that have tall trees such as tamarind tree, or large and tall teak which became a favorite hangout place of genderuwo.

10 | Make a Dish for Spirit

This dish are identical with the occult ritual. This method is worth a try but must be complicated buying 7 face flowers, caman flowers, frangipani, complimentary oil, and complimentary food. Put in places where potentially ghost sightings occur. place the CCTV camera if necessary to capture the occult activity that may occur.

11 | Crabs and Water

Put the crab in a bucket of water, add a few coins or coins into the bucket, this way will only attract the attention of a petty thief of money called tuyul. It is said that tuyul really likes to play crab.

12 | See the Mirror at Midnight

The mirror is a medium that is often played by spirits, sometimes ghosts can be trapped inside the mirror, if you try to dress up in front of the mirror in the middle of night in a quiet condition room, you will see ghost sightings trapped in the mirror.

13 | Look Between Legs

Bend your body then look in the hole between your legs, If you see a ghost sighting, do not occasionally turn around, ghosts will appear in the front of your eyes instantly. Keep bending over as you walk slowly back into the safe area.

14 | Use Soil from Cemetery

The burial ground is indeed very thick with mystical scent, that is why many parents are washing the body first before entering the house to neutralize the spirits contamination of the spirits of the grave lands. The ground in the cemetery also powerful when used to see spirits. Take the graveyard, make sure you want to see the ghost and immediately wipe on the eyelids then look around you.

15 | Singing

Humming or singing certain songs capable of summoning spirits, such as lingsir wengi, glommy sunday, nina bobok, etc. Ghost appearance depends on the theme of the song being sung. For example lingsir wengi invite kuntilanak, nina bobok will call the Dutch.

16 | Storytelling at Haunted Places

Storytelling in a haunted place, like in an empty house, a grave, or when camping in a forest. If you feel goosebumps means there are spirits who are listening to your story.

17 | Play Hide and Seek with Black Cat

Black cats are cats that are rescued by people and are often associated with the devil. Playing hide and seek while carrying a black cat at night is said will attract the devil's attention.

18 | Burning Cassava

Burning cassava in the middle of the forest can also invite spirits especially genderuwo (a kind of Bigfoot), but must burn in silence. Genderuwo who smelled cassava sauce will gradually approach, especially for hungry genderuwo.

19 | Photography in the Dark Place

This method is quite easy, you can choose where the better dark and haunted place. Photograph dark areas in the area, do not forget to activate the flashlight. Look at the anomalies of the strangeness in the photo, most of them will appear as Orbs like white balls or in the form of white smoke appearances.

20 | Use Candle

This method is very simple but dangerous because it can call the King of Demon or Lucifer. In the middle of a dark and cold night, Draw the star with the head below using chalk, place the candle fitting in the middle of the star image and sprinkle salt around the candle. Light a candle. Concentrate and then whisper this word to the candle fire "Lucifer my Lord" continuously until you see the shadow of a big, winged creature like an angel in the darkness.

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