Incorruptible Body on Science VS Religion

In general, all living beings that died must be decomposed into the ground, but apparently, not all happened so. Like the phenomenon of bodies/corpses are still intact despite having been buried for years. This unusual occurrence has been found in many burial places of the world. Most people assume that the bodies that are still intact and not decomposed are God's miracles for those who are conscious of Him. This phenomenon becomes a sign of sanctity that the other people do not have.

This phenomenon is often called an incorruptible body. For example as in the tradition of the Catholic Church where the bodies of the saints are still intact displayed in the aquarium chests. Their bodies are embalmed or coated wax to avoid corpse body damage.

Saint Bernadette Soubirous who died on 16 April 1879
One of the most famous stories of the Catholic Church is the sad body of Bernadette Soubirous that remains intact despite being buried for 46 years. The face was still bright as the last time it died, with hands clasped tightly with a rusty rosary necklace. Bernadette is a sister who is known to be obedient and has visited the sight of Our Lady at Lourdes. Because of this miracle in 1925 Pope Pius XI awarded a saint to Bernadette, and put it in a glass case in the Lourdes monastery chapel.

Hamzah ra Corps 1400 tahun silam
While the 1400-year-old corpse was found in the madinah, Arab. According to the Tribunnews page this corpse came from the Prophet Mohammad SAW companion of Uhud war victims who happened 1400 years ago. This body accidentally appeared because of the flood that hit the madina flooded the tomb, when the flood receded the corpse visible intact appeared to the ground. The body is known as Hamzah ra recognizable from the wound on his body. The condition of the corpse is still fresh with wounds and blood from being pierced by a spear. This phenomenon is usually called the death of the martyr, or dead in holy conditions.
mayat shinzui
Corps 2150 years old

Another more surprising story came from China, where a whole body was found in a crate buried in a depth of 20 meters. The chest was discovered by a citizen digging in Maantui hill, Changsa. They dug the ground as a hole to take cover in case of war, but who would have thought they would find a pile of wooden crates with the body of a woman. Once identified it turns out the age of the corpse has been 2150 years old. The corpse was found in intact condition with black hair, bulging eyes, and sticking tongue. The corpse is named Shinzui, now the corpse has been preserved by the Chinese government and placed in a glass coffin as a place of tourism.

Intact corpses phenomenon do not only happen to people who are considered sacred but in some places even people who are known with bad behavior such as prostitutes, terrorists, or other criminals that in fact a lot of sin.

Then how this phenomenon can happen? according to science, there are several factors that affect such as the condition of the land where the bodies buried. For example, an alkaline soil that causes no oxygen, bacteria, worms, heat, light. The condition will certainly hinder the decomposition process so the corpse will not be damaged in a long time.

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