Unexplained Lost Money Phenomena


Money is a very valuable thing for daily needs, but how does it feel if the money that has been stored in a safe place can be lost mysteriously? even has been stored in a confidential and confidential safe and only we know it. Surely can trigger shock and confusion sustainable especially if the money lost has a large nominal, it is very unfortunate when it happens. This phenomenon is often experienced especially rich people, businessmen, or people who have financial advantages over the people in the community.

Actually, what is the cause of this phenomenon?. Depending on the chronology of the problem. If you want, we can try remembering the condition before we lose money. Is simply forgotten or stolen someone. Or there are other unsolved mysteries in your home. To review what is the cause of this loss, we find the possible causes of the loss of money.

  1. Forgot the memory could be the cause, Alzheimer one of the phenomena that often experienced by the human brain in the form of difficulty remembering things that just done, usually the trivial things that we often do, such as forgetting to put things or forget about what to do.
  2. Falling is another sensible reason for the phenomenon of losing money. The fall of money can be caused by wind blowing, or your pockets are hollow. Therefore, you should first carefully research the area before you lose money.
  3. False, you may miscalculate when saving money, the amount of money calculated exceeding the actual reality, usually due to lack of care or there is a sheet of paper counted 2 sheets. This phenomenon is often experienced by parents.
  4. Stolen by someone. Can come from close people such as siblings, husbands, wives, or children who live at home. They may know where you store valuables and pick them up without your knowledge.
  5. Stolen supernatural beings are a bit unreasonable but many believe this reason. The meaning of supernatural beings is like Tuyul or Stealth Pig. When the neighbors are experiencing similar incidents for several days in succession with small nominals. The possibility of someone else searching for money in an unlawful way through the medium of a thief of money theft.
Based on the points above, the number 1 - 4 you can investigate further with relatives and family. For the number 5 you can ask spiritual experts or shamans to investigate further in your home.
You can also follow the tips below to counteract tuyul:

Ginger planting in the garden because it is believed to ward off the aura of the unseen.

Put onions where you save money, ginger can cause the eyes of spicy tuyul.

Put a mirror in the place where you save money, supposedly loves playing mirror, he will forget to steal money and busy playing the mirror.

Pour soybeans, nuts or marbles in your money storage. Tuyul will try to count the number because tuyul can only calculate until number 10. more over he will be confused and stressed.

Prepare a bucket of contents with water and crabs, place it near a money storage place. Use river crabs, Tuyul will be curious to play it, When his hands are grabbed with crabs, he will cry and run scamper leaving your home.

To ward off pork stealth pig just use water that has been used for rice washing, pour in the area around the house without interruption. Stealth pig will think it is a vast field so it will ignore your home.

Believe it or not, its all is up to you. The important thing is not to have a family dispute or neighbor because of the problem of losing money. Discuss warmly or better consult to police if necessary.

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