Most Mysterious Earth Crack Phenomena in The World

Broken land is indeed a natural thing when landslides occur. Unstable and movable soil can cause the soil to separate so it becomes a crack. This event usually occurs on the slopes of the mountain where the terrain has a slope which has the potential for landslides. But from some crack records that have occurred in the world, some mysterious earth cracks that scientists have not been able to explain. Such as crack phenomenon explained below.

1 | Great Crack in Mexico

greatest crack

A giant crack on the earth mysteriously appeared in mid-August 2014 in a remote agricultural area near Hermosillo, in the state of Sonora in Mexico. According to reports, the ground was cracked between 2 or 3 miles long, 26 feet deep and 15 feet wide. These cracks occur on flat land that is impossible for landslides. Many residents consider this as a warning from God due to the sins of the inhabitant in that country. It seems that this phenomenon is caused by seismic activity. But scientists don't believe the cause is an earthquake because there is no different height from both sides of the crack.

2 | Cracks in Wyoming

wyoming crack

When someone hunting antelope in the foot area of Mount Bighorn, suddenly there is a mysterious giant fracture for no apparent reason. Previously there was no earthquake activity, no mining activities, no rain until now leaving a mystery that has not been revealed. After measuring these cracks it is estimated that the length is 2250 feet and is 150 feet wide. An engineer from Riverton, Wyoming claimed that the only cause was the presence of underground water which caused the ground to collapse. But the exact cause cannot yet be ascertained. Is that caused by an alien? However live science has explanation about that, you can read here.

3 | Cracks in Michigan

soil crack in michigan

On the morning of October 4, 2010 residents near Menominee heard a rumble and felt a great vibration, and soon they found a gap as they entered the forest to clean up the garbage left by the white pine tree which was bearing fruit a few days earlier. The crack split about 110 meters long and was 1.7 meters deep. This crack makes the tree tilt on both sides. Scientists call this phenomenon Pop-Up, a phenomenon when superficial stones are lifted due to overburden and ice rock. But there is no history of rock mining and glaciers in the area.

4 | Greenland Cracks

rack in polar ice cap

A mysterious crack had spread to the giant Greenland glacier. The first crack photo captured by NASA in the Bridge operation on July 2016. They were worried that parts of the giant ice sheet would split and float into the sea causing rising sea levels. While scientists are still unsure what caused the formation of cracks, Lhermitte said that the possible cause was "Ocean forcing", a phenomenon that occurs when warm ocean waters melt ice on top of it. As a result of climate change and global warming.

5 | Broken land in Bojonegoro

break land in bojonegoro

Residents of Wonocolo Village, Kedewan Subdistrict, Bojonegoro, East Java was fear after an explosion in the ground followed by cracks that spread on February 16, 2017. Residents were confused about the strange event. A geologist named Hadiarso Sjoekoer revealed that the explosions and cracks of the soil were caused by strong pressure from the ground. Pressure for possible leaks from industrial gas pipes. But it has been confirmed that the area is far from oil and gas companies and there is no gas pipeline in the ground. There is no definitive explanation of this phenomenon and the cause is still a mystery until now.

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