How To Do Telephaty With Water

telephaty with water

Telepathic practices are often found in several TV movies and dramas. But how telepathy can be done? There is no scientific evidence on this matter, but in some cases, the telepathy was successful whether it was accidental or indeed came from the power of his mind. Telepathy is usually can be successful for people who have close relationships, such as friends, friends, girlfriends, wives, or parents. Even though telepathically separated long distances, the human brain can exchange data and information that propagates through mysterious media in the universe. Besides humans, some people can even telepath with their pets, so the owner feels what the animal feels. People in ancient times were said to often do telepathy, with meditation and they could see the situation of the house from a great distance. Usually done by elders who have a high level of magic.

Many people think that telepathy can only be done by people who have advantages from birth, such as indigo, or people who have offspring from families with high spirituality. In fact, telepathy can be trained if we have extra intentions and patience to achieve telepathic success. The main key to telepathy is relaxed and concentration, let nature unite in you. Therefore meditation is very necessary to make our mind clear of all the problems and burdens of our lives. Here are some telepathic techniques that you can practice at home.

Telepathy sees remote locations:

  1. Prepare a basin or bowl of water, water is for a medium that helps us to visualize, because the water itself can reflect light so that our telepathic shadow will be visible on the surface of the water.
  2. Sit cross-legged and put the basin or bowl filled with water in front of you. If you can't sit in a cross-legged position, you can do it by sitting in a chair and a water container on the table.
  3. Close your eyes, clear your mind of the things of the physical world, so that your mind can easily enter into your subconscious. Can while listening to binaural mp3 beat for more relaxed search in this post Binaural Beats Download.
  4. While your eyes remain closed, imagine the water is a part of your body, because the fact is that 50% of the human body itself is water, imagine the content of water molecules from each brain cell together with the mind. Your mind is water.
  5. After you feel sure your mind is connected with water. Visualize you are in the location you want to see, for example in an office or school. Don't guess the condition, just feel the information or sensation in your mind.
  6. Feel the information absorbed by your mind which is water. Rest assured that water will give a picture of the location.
  7. After that open your eyes slowly and look at the surface of the water in front of you. If successful, you will see a shadow from that location. The first experiment may fail or look vague. You have to try it continuously until it works.

Telepathy to reads or influences others mind:

  1. Make sure the target person you are about to read or influence his mind is someone who has a close relationship with you because it is easier and has a greater percentage of success.
  2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable, place away from the crowd. So you can concentrate optimally and not be disturbed.
  3. Adjust your breath, inhale deeply from the nose to hold for a while then slowly release through the mouth. Do it continuously until you feel relaxed. 
  4. After feeling relaxed, close your eyes and imagine someone you will telepath his mind.
  5. Visually visualize the person in as much detail as possible, stay focused and concentrate until the shadow is clear and clear. 
  6. Build your mind's relationship with the target mind. Imagine your mind entering into the mind of the target, feeling what he is doing and thinking.
  7. With this you can read someone's mind, to influence it just do a deep visualization of what you want to do, then the person's mind will follow your mind because your mind is one with it.
To measure the success of the practice that you just tried, please ask the person you telepathed if they really did what you read or you ordered him to do but beforehand not tell the person that you have done it. Let him express what he experienced. If what he does matches what you found means you have succeeded. Likewise telepathically to find out the location. You can ask or call a friend or another person at that location a few moments after you telepath. Remember. success depends on the concentration level of each individual, do not overestimate your mind because it can cause stress and migraines. Let everything flow naturally. Good luck.

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