Mystery of the Holy Spear that Pierced Side of Jesus

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The Holy Spear is known to have many names. Spear of Destiny, Holy Spear, and many more. The spearhead artifact is thought to have been applied to stab Jesus' stomach during the crucifixion. It is said, a Roman soldier named Longinus want to determine the death of Jesus. Then he stabbed Jesus in the stomach with his spear until Jesus bled out blood and water which was then considered to be a divine phenomenon. For his followers, blood revealed the humanity of Jesus, while water revealed his divinity. Because of the spearhead concerning the holy blood, so they called the Holy Spear.

According to the Roman version, the holy spear is kept under the dome of the Church of the Basilica, Saint Peter. But the Catholic Church doubts its originality. Early history writes that the holy spear was made by a pilgrim named Antonius of Piacenza (570 TM) in his story about Jerusalem, he wrote that on Mount Zion he saw the crown of thorns mounted on Jesus' head and the spear that was thrust into his stomach.

In 615, the City of Jerusalem and its inheritance were confiscated by the Persians at the instruction of King Koshrau II. The spearhead was broken and surrendered in the same year to Nicetas who took him to Constantinople, then kept in the Hagia Sofia Church. Then, the spear was moved to the Church of the Virgin of the Pharos. The spearhead of this result was obtained by Baldwin II from Constantinople who later marketed it to King Louis IX. The spearhead and crown of thorns are enshrined at Sainte Chapelle in France. During the French revolution, these two historical objects were moved to the Bibliotheque Nationale, but after that, they disappeared.

The existence of the holy spear in Constantinople was reinforced by various stories, especially the Russians, even though the object had moved several times in the church. Whatever spear was in Constantinople always fell into the hands of the Turks. In 1492, Sultan Bazeyid II surrendered the holy spear to pope Innocent VIII.

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At this time, the authenticity of the holy spear is increasingly doubtful because there are three more that are called holy spears - except those in Constantinople - the Holy Spears of France, Vienna, and Armenia. Not to mention that it is said to be in Krakow, Poland. The Germans said that the Polish spear was an imitation of the Vienna spear and was made by King Henry II. At the same time, another imitation was given to Hungary.

Trevor Ravenscroft popularized the mysterious power of the holy spear in his book, Spear of Destiny. According to him, such Adolf Hitler was obsessed with this spear until he started World War II to get it. At the end of the war, the spear fell into the hands of an American general named George S. Patton. After migrating his hands, Hitler was found to have committed suicide in a bunker. Then after the spear was released from Patton's hand, the general died in an accident at the United States Army Camp.

Now, the Americans have officially returned the holy spear to the Austrians along with other valuable objects that have been stolen by the Nazis. The results of the holy spear were successfully displayed at the Hapsburg Treasure Museum in Vienna, Austria.

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