3 The Smallest Local Rain Phenomenon in the World

Now entered the rainy season, it is very fitting if we review the phenomenon of local rain in the world. Rain is a natural phenomenon that is common in the world, in the form of falling water droplets that fall in certain areas that have cloudy weather. The area that is being rained on is usually very wide such as one island, one city, or province. But what happens if there is rain that occurs in a narrow area. Some rain phenomena even occur such as waterfalls, only showering one particular house or even only in an area that is only 1 meter wide. No one knows for sure the cause of this rain, but this rain really has really happened in fact even in Indonesia had experienced it. Check out the events below:

1 | Local rain in Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russia

local rain in rusia

This phenomenon occurred on May 30, 2016, this phenomenon had horrendous reality and the virtual world. One Russian YouTuber had to capture it on video and upload it on YouTube a day later it went viral. Many are confused and astonished that heavy rains such as waterfalls rained down only a small part of the settlement. The area affected by rain is estimated to have a width of under 1 km. People who are outside the area can see this amazing sight like a waterfall from heaven falling to Earth.

2 | Ultra local rain in Palermo, Italy


This rain is the most magical rain ever, where the rain is only located at one point in the middle of the crossroad. They call this phenomenon the name Ultra Localized Rain, a very extreme local rain phenomenon. Just imagine, the area affected by rain is only about 1 meter away, like water pouring from the sky. Many people who passed the road stopped and looked in the sky looking for the source of the fall of water whether there are people who are ignorant or there is a helicopter on it, but they found nothing as far as the eye could see. Finally, they believe that this is purely a very rare natural phenomenon and they do not forget to capture it in videos and photos.

3 | Rain 1 house in Tebet


This is the strangest rain phenomenon that has ever happened in Indonesia, in the form of heavy rain which flushed only one house. This phenomenon occurred at Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam 1, No. 18, South Jakarta on August 28, 2017. Initially, the owner of the house was not aware that only his house was rained on, but when he saw children and people who were outside, he felt weird and decided to check it out. After he left the house turned out to be right, only his house was washed down with rain while the neighboring houses in the surrounding area were parched and left untouched by a single drop of rain. Many residents also flocked to witness this rare phenomenon. This strange phenomenon lasts for 6 hours non-stop many people associate this phenomenon with miracles from God and the act of UFOs. But in a scientific way, the BMKG cannot explain it, because this phenomenon is very rare.

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